Commercial solar PV installation and security for school
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Commercial solar PV installation and security for school


This project involved a complete electrical installation of a a new sports hall within a school based in Surrey. Building consists of 1 indoor sports hall with high level viewing area, changing rooms, offices, classrooms, plant rooms and external tennis court. This project also included a full installation of Solar PV in Surrey

Commercial Electrical installation in Surrey Schools

The Project consisted of a complete LKD lighting installation, small power (socket outlets and power supplies etc,) solar PV, fire alarms, door access, CCTV, security and data, providing electrical and security systems up to date with the latest regulations.

Internal lighting consists of LCD lighting controlled by either PIR’s or light switches. Light switches are plugged into control boxes which allows for full control over lighting levels and timing through a simple app.

LED lighting in Surrey

LED flood lighting has been installed for the external tennis court. These are controlled by a touch screen panel located in an office allowing for the lighting to be configured to different light outputs.

Small power consists of general socket outlets, power supplies for general fixed equipment, power supplies for mechanical equipment.

Solar PV installation in Surrey School

We also installed a full Solar PV system, which means the building will run relatively cost free most times of the year.

  • Date 18th January 2019
  • Tags Electrical, Fire alarms, LED lighting, solar pv, Sussex
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