Mar 19

Renewable energy is changing our world

In a world that is increasingly taking steps to provide a greener and safer environment for the next generation to enjoy, solar power has never been more relevant as an effective solution to renewable energy and reducing the amount of greenhouse gas that we are producing as a population.

Fossil fuel dependency

In modern society, we are increasingly dependant on electricity to power our lives – the majority  of which is generated by coal and gas. The issue that we are facing is that these two resources are becoming progressively finite. The with immense amount of energy that our homes, businesses and everyday gadgets demand, the detrimental effect the consumption of these fossil fuels is having on our planet is becoming ever more apparent. In fact – given our current trend in consumption – experts predict that the world will run out of coal in around 100 years.

Solar power

A 2017 report shows that solar has become the world’s fastest-growing source of power– marking the first time ever that it has surpassed gas and coal in terms of growth. As businesses and even individuals, it is crucial that we all play our part and continue to encourage this growth. Solar panels are a great alternative in producing electricity and has virtually no impact on the environment as it utilises the sun’s power and safely coverts it into clean efficient energy.


AJ taylor installing solar panel renewable energy sussex

Solar panels in the home

AJ Taylor Solar Division can deal with all your Solar Photovoltaic requirements from initial survey, through to design to installation, followed by after care as required.

There are many benefits to installing PV solar panels as a source of renewable energy, aside from the obvious – that is one of the cleanest methods of producing power – you will also be reducing your monthly electricity bill in the process. How much you save will depend entirely on the household and how much electricity you are using, but on average you could cut your bill by 50%!

Government cash back incentive

Renewable energy is one of the UK government’s hot topics right now and they are majorly backing it via cash back incentives.

Through government backed Feed-in Tariff Schemes you will earn money for producing energy regardless of whether you use it or not. Feed-in Tariffs guarantee tax free payments for 20 years and are index linked to RPI (Retail Price Index).This free, green electricity feeds directly into your home, which means you will benefit from lower electricity bills, they also require little maintenance.

There has never been a better time to invest in renewable energy, contact AJ Taylor now for a free quote.

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