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Server Room Air Conditioning Installation Sussex

Server Room Air Conditioning is an essential part of any office with a dedicated IT room with free standing servers.

Most modern servers will consume about 1Kw of electricity every hour, that converts into having a 1Kw heater element in the room, and when most server rooms are only small cupboards, if you have 2 or 3 servers in such a small space, it significantly increases the temperature.

Without sufficient cooling, servers can start to malfunction, run slowly and eventually cut out, causing massive disruption to the work flow in your office when you need to be focusing on to keep the business running.

We Provide 24hr reactive repairs should there be any need for repairs or corrections outside of normal working hours, this is a service available to both contracted and non-contracted customers.

All our surveys and quotations are carried out by experienced surveyors and all installations are carried out by experienced and qualified engineers. So whether you are looking to for air conditioning in just one room or an entire office feel free to contact us today for further information or to book a free survey or quotation.

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