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Solar PV Maintenance Sussex

In recent years AJ Taylor have moved into the renewable energy sector, early in 2011 we became accredited to design and install domestic and commercial Solar Photovoltaic installations.

We also offer tailored maintenance packages giving you peace of mind for the whole feed in tariff contract term and beyond by offering a comprehensive aftercare service. We will ensure your solar PV system is operating at its peak performance year after year, giving you an extra added return on your investment.

All servicing and repairs by AJ Taylor are carried out by qualified operatives. AJ Taylor  are able to carry out all relevant tests and inspections which will predetermine if repairs are required, this will minimise any unplanned downtime of your system and reduce the loss of  energy production.

Annual maintenance visits consist of:

  • Visual inspection of all componants.
  • Clean modules.
  • Carry out functional testing.
  • Clean any dust or debris .
  • Test the array voltage (Voc).
  • Test the array ampage (Isc).
  • Test the array insulation.
  • Check the actual kW/hr production.
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The Solar PV feed in tariff finishes in March 2019. Register before then to get your 20 years of tax free cash back for generating clean energy

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